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Muhammad Abu Bakar SIDDIK, Md Reaz CHAKLADER, Md Abu HANIF, Ashfaqun NAHAR, Ilham ILHAM, Anthony COLE, Ravi FOTEDAR. Variation in the life-history traits of a Schilbid catfish, Clupisoma garua (Hamilton, 1822) in the coastal waters of southern Bangladesh[J]. HaiyangYuHuZhao, 2017, 35(5): 1189-1196

Variation in the life-history traits of a Schilbid catfish, Clupisoma garua (Hamilton, 1822) in the coastal waters of southern Bangladesh

Muhammad Abu Bakar SIDDIK1, Md Reaz CHAKLADER1, Md Abu HANIF1, Ashfaqun NAHAR2, Ilham ILHAM3, Anthony COLE4, Ravi FOTEDAR4
1 Department of Fisheries Biology and Genetics, Patuakhali Science and Technology University, Patuakhali-8602, Bangladesh;
2 Department of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography, Patuakhali Science and Technology University, Patuakhali-8602, Bangladesh;
3 Department of Aquatic Resources and Management, Jakarta Fisheries University, Jl. AUP Pasar Minggu Jakarta Selatan 12520 Indonesia;
4 Department of Environment and Agriculture, Curtin University, 1 Turner Avenue, Bentley, WA 6102, Australia
For the first time, the present study reports the life-history traits, comprising length-frequency distribution (LFD), sex ratio (SR), length-weight relationships (LWRs), condition factors (CFs), and relative growth (WR), of Clupisoma garua in the coastal waters of Bangladesh. A total of 150 specimens ranging from 8.60 to 25.20 cm total length (TL) and 4.26 to 128.80 g body weight (BW) were collected using traditional fishing gear from August 2013 to July 2014. The overall sex ratio of males to females in the study did not differ significantly from the expected value of 1:1 (χ2=0.96, P<0.05) but there were significant sex differences (P<0.05) in the intercepts and slopes of graphs characterizing traits in C. garua. The calculated b values for the LWRs were 2.955, 2.893 and 2.927 for males, females and combined sexes, respectively, and there was negative allometric growth in all cases (b<3). The condition factors (KA, KF, KR) and relative growth (WR) also did not differ significantly (P<0.05) between the sexes. This study provides a useful tool for fishery specialists to evaluate the relative condition of fish and to initiate early management strategies and regulations for the sustainable management of the remaining stocks of this species in the entire coastal region of southern Bangladesh.
Key words:    anthracene|Mytilus edulis|biomarker|integrated biomarker response|transplant experiment   
Received: 2016-01-28   Revised: 2016-05-12
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