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SHANG Zhiwen, WANG Fu, FANG Jing, LI Jianfen, CHEN Yongsheng, JIANG Xingyu, TIAN Lizhu, WANG Hong. Radiocarbon ages of different fractions of peat on coastal lowland of Bohai Bay: marine influence?[J]. Journal of Oceanology and Limnology, 2018, 36(5): 1562-1569

Radiocarbon ages of different fractions of peat on coastal lowland of Bohai Bay: marine influence?

SHANG Zhiwen1,2, WANG Fu1,2, FANG Jing3, LI Jianfen1,2, CHEN Yongsheng1,2, JIANG Xingyu1,2, TIAN Lizhu1,2, WANG Hong1,2
1 Tianjin Centre, China Geological Survey(CGS), Tianjin 300170, China;
2 Key Laboratory of Muddy Coast Geoenvironment, CGS, Tianjin 300170, China;
3 College of Urban and Environment Science, Tianjin Normal University, Tianjin 300387, China
Peat in boreholes is the most important 14C dating material used for constructing age framework. 20 bulk peat samples were collected from five boreholes, the 14C ages of two fractions (organic sediment fraction and peat fraction) of the bulk peat samples were investigated by AMS-dating and which fraction is better to help construct an age framework for the boreholes were compared and discussed. The results indicated that the peat fraction give a good dating results sequence in the boreholes, compared with the corresponding organic sediment fraction. And the dating results of organic sediment fraction show 161-6 702 years older than corresponding peat fraction, which was caused by marine influence. Then, we suggest an experience formula as y=0.99x-466.5 by the correlation analysis for correcting the marine influenced organic sediment ages within the conventional ages between 4 000 to 9 000 yrs BP, and more study should be carried out for the AMS 14C dating of the bulk organic sediments.
Key words:    coastal lowland of Bohai Bay|peat fraction|organic sediment fraction|AMS 14C dating|marine influence   
Received: 2017-03-30   Revised:
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