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ZHAI Hongxiu, HUANG Mian, HUANG Yong. A new free-living marine nematode species of Rhinema from the South China Sea[J]. Journal of Oceanology and Limnology, 2020, 38(2): 545-549

A new free-living marine nematode species of Rhinema from the South China Sea

ZHAI Hongxiu1, HUANG Mian2,3, HUANG Yong1
1 College of Life Sciences, Liaocheng University, Liaocheng 252059, China;
2 Department of Marine Organism Taxonomy and Phylogeny, Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Qingdao 266071, China;
3 University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100049, China
A new free-living marine nematode species of the genus Rhinema belonging to the family Monoposthiidae was collected from marine sediments in the Qiongzhou Strait of the South China Sea, and it is described here as Rhinema longispicula sp. nov. The new species is characterized by coarsely annulated cuticle with 12 longitudinal ridges (alae) marked as reversed V-shaped. The first and second annuli broader and form a kind of a cephalic capsule. The amphideal fovea circular, situated in the middle of the broad second annulus, not surrounded by dense annulations. Buccal cavity cylindrical with a large dorsal tooth. Pharynx with a prominent anterior pharyngeal bulb and an elongated terminal bulb. Elongate spicules strongly curved, with cephalated proximal end and pointed distal end. Gubernaculum boat-shaped, without apophysis. A long and blunt precloacal seta present. Female with two opposed, outstretched ovaries.
Key words:    Rhinema longispicula sp.nov.|free-living marine nematode|taxonomy   
Received: 2019-06-24   Revised: 2019-08-02
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